A Drone’s Life – Time Out

DJ Freyja calms your week down with some drone, ambient, and noise. Let’s get chill for the end of the week.

This week’s playlist suggested by sevelix

Find her on Mastodon and Tribel as @CarolOlson,  Instagram @carolaolson,  and Twitter @radiogirlrva (while it lasts)

1:01:00 AM5:13Swarm IntelligenceAntennaFaction20191117490 Records DKTechno
1:06:13 AM5:37Swarm IntelligenceRun InterferenceFaction20191117490 Records DKTechno
1:11:50 AM3:44Pressed FlowersSleep ParalysisCredible Witness2019Universe 25 LimitedAlternative
1:15:34 AM4:23Beyond Sensory ExperienceAnything GoldenPursuit of Pleasure2007Cold Meat IndustryElectronic
1:19:57 AM3:06MinistryGracePsalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs1991RhinoElectronic
1:23:03 AM3:32Shintarou JinboSchizophreniaSong of Saya (Original Soundtrack)2004GEORIDESoundtrack
1:26:35 AM3:26Shintarou JinboSong of Saya ISong of Saya (Original Soundtrack)GEORIDE
1:30:01 AM3:51Shintarou JinboSINSong of Saya (Original Soundtrack)GEORIDE
1:33:52 AM3:03Shintarou JinboShapshiftSong of Saya (Original Soundtrack)GEORIDE
1:36:55 AM4:43Father2006Waking Up the SameReflection2021Father2006 아버지Electronic
1:41:38 AM2:06Lil Ugly ManeEjaculated Poisoned WrenchOblivion Access2017Self ReleasedElectronic
1:43:44 AM10:17PrurientMyth of Building BridgesFrozen Niagara Falls2015Profound LoreClassical
1:54:01 AM4:49Throbbing GristleStill Walking (Remastered)20 Jazz Funk Greats (Remastered)2017MuteClassical
1:58:50 AM2:11Throbbing GristleTanith (Remastered)20 Jazz Funk Greats (Remastered)2017MuteClassical
2:03:45 AM2:44ParannoulTons De AzulDownfall of the Neon Youth2021Longinus RecordingsAlternative
2:06:29 AM8:23ParannoulVento Caminha ComigoDownfall of the Neon Youth2021Longinus RecordingsAlternative
2:14:52 AM4:22Deutsch NepalCarrions Still Walkin’Benevolence1993Cold Meat IndustryAlternative
2:19:14 AM7:12SewerslvtBorderlineWe Had Good Times Together, Don’t Forget That2021SWRSLTDance
2:26:26 AM2:20bliss3threeHalo ShardI’m Gonna Miss You2021No AgreementsElectronic
2:28:46 AM5:25Tim HeckerDungeoneeringHarmony In Ultraviolet2006krankyElectronic
2:34:11 AM4:43PrurientPretextCocaine Death2008Hospital ProductionsClassical
2:38:54 AM4:43BelongI Never Lose. Never ReallyOctober Language2018Spectrum SpoolsClassical
2:43:37 AM18:41CagesSuffererInside a Ringing Chord2018Black DotsAlternative

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