Women Art Revolution: Women Of Iran

Bringing the women of Iran to you this morning on the Monday Breakfast Blend

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6:01:00 AM3:12Rana MansourBaroonRana Mansour2015Karmandan ProductionsPop
6:04:12 AM3:02Rana MansourShohare PooldarRana Mansour2015Karmandan ProductionsPop
6:07:14 AM4:53Azam AliNoor (The Light in My Eyes)From Night to the Edge of Day2011Terrestrial Lane Productions IncWorld
6:12:07 AM4:09Azam AliDandiniFrom Night to the Edge of Day2011Terrestrial Lane Productions IncWorld
6:16:16 AM5:12Mamak KhademRemembranceRemembrance2022Six Degrees Records, LLCWorld
6:21:28 AM4:17Mamak KhademEntangledRemembrance2022Six Degrees Records, LLCWorld
6:25:45 AM4:20Mahsa VahdatThe Act of FreedomEnlighten the Night2020Kirkelig KulturverkstedWorld
6:30:05 AM4:07Mahsa VahdatWhere is the Home of the WindEnlighten the Night2020Kirkelig KulturverkstedWorld
6:34:12 AM5:07NiyazSabza Ba Naz (The Triumph of Love)Fourth Light2022Terrestrial Lane Productions Inc.Electronic
6:39:19 AM5:28NiyazTam E Eshq (A Taste of Love)Fourth Light2022Terrestrial Lane Productions Inc.Electronic
6:44:47 AM3:55NiyazParishaanSumud2012Terrestrial Lane Productions IncElectronic
6:48:42 AM3:36NiyazSosinSumud2012Terrestrial Lane Productions IncElectronic
6:52:18 AM3:42Azam Ali and Loga Ramin TorkianBehing the SkyLamentation of Swans: A Journey Towards SilenceTerrestrial Lane Productions
6:56:00 AM4:37Azam Ali & Loga Ramin TorkianTowards SilenceLamentation of Swans: A Journey Towards Silence2013Terrestrial Lane Productions
7:00:36 AM4:31NiyazBeni BeniNine Heavens2008Six Degrees Travel SeriesWorld
7:05:07 AM4:28Sussan DeyhimElaheye Naz / Angel of GraceLa Belle et La Bete2020Venus Rising RecordsElectronic
7:09:35 AM3:54Sussan DeyhimEstateLa Belle et La Bete2020Venus Rising RecordsElectronic
7:13:29 AM6:29Sussan DeyhimCity of LeavesCity of Leaves2011Venus RisingNew Age
7:19:58 AM2:50Sussan DeyhimTender GazeCity of Leaves2011Venus RisingNew Age
7:22:48 AM2:36KimiaAghab NemikeshamAghab Nemikesham – Single2022nolFarsi
7:25:24 AM3:15SaarenDaram Miam TehranSaram Miam Tehrannol
7:28:39 AM2:00Mehdi YarrachiSoroode ZanSoroode Zannol
7:30:39 AM6:27Dani KhorsandiNika (feat. Mohammad Reza Shajarian)Nika (feat. Mohammad Reza Shajarian) – Single20221398259 Records DKNew Age
7:37:06 AM2:46Rana MansourFor Woman, Life, Liberty (Baraye)For Woman, Life, Liberty (Baraye) – Single2022Stoneride ProductionsPop
7:39:52 AM4:06NiyazIn the Shadow of LifeNiyaz2005Six Degrees Travel SeriesElectronic
7:43:58 AM3:40Kimia & donyaDotayiDotayi – Single2022Radio JavanFarsi
7:47:38 AM3:35Mehdi YarrahiHayyakHayyak (Folkore Arabic Music) – Single2018Mehdi Yarrahi
7:51:13 AM2:57KimiaShekastamShekastam – Single2021Radio JavanFarsi
7:54:10 AM2:47Kimia & AlishmasHavase AsheghiHavase Asheghi – Single2018Radio JavanFarsi
7:56:57 AM6:07Azam AliIn Other WorldsElysium for the Brave2006Six Degrees Travel SeriesElectronic

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