Secret Bonus Level with DJ Freyja – Drone to Drown out the Noise

5:01:00 PM11:41Planning For BurialDull Knife, Pt. IIBelow the House2017The FlenserAlternative
5:12:41 PM7:53Have A Nice LifeA Quick One Before the Eternal Worm Devours ConnecticutDeathconsciousness2014The FlenserAlternative
5:20:34 PM6:16Good Night & Good MorningPhiladelphiaNarrowing Type2012Own RecordsAlternative
5:26:50 PM7:29Good Night & Good MorningMedian IINarrowing Type2012Own RecordsAlternative
5:34:19 PM4:23Yellow SwansFoiledGoing Places2010TypeElectronic
5:38:42 PM9:10Yellow SwansGoing PlacesGoing Places2010TypeElectronic
5:47:52 PM13:55Natural Snow BuildingsDaughters of DarknessDaughter of Darkness2013Ba Da Bing!Alternative
6:01:47 PM7:50SwansThe Beautiful DaysSoundtracks For the Blind2001Young God RecordsAlternative
6:09:37 PM5:13RamlehBite the BolsterHole In the Heart2010Dirter PromotionsRock
6:14:50 PM8:05RamlehDo Not Come NearHole In the Heart2010Dirter PromotionsRock
6:22:55 PM7:07RamlehProduct of FearHole In the Heart2010Dirter PromotionsRock
6:30:02 PM7:17UlverLost In MomentsPerdition City2000JesterHard Rock
6:37:19 PM15:30Christoph De BabalonOpiumIf You’re Into It I’m Out of It1997Digital Hardcore RecordingsElectronic
6:52:49 PM7:11Christoph De BabalonBrillianceIf You’re Into It I’m Out of It1997Digital Hardcore RecordingsElectronic

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