Monday Breakfast Blend-WAR: Women Art Electrica

Timestamp autoDurationArtistSongReleaseReleasedLabel 
6:02:00 AM3:24Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind LMain Title (The Shining) R NThe Shining (Selections from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – SingleSoundtrack V/A2020WaterTower Music  
6:05:24 AM2:53Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind LRocky Mountains R NThe Shining (Selections from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – SingleSoundtrack V/A2020WaterTower Music  
6:08:17 AM1:37London Philhaomonic Orchestra LTheme from Tron – From “TRON” score R NTron (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) V/AunsetNOL  
6:09:54 AM9:46David Toop LBoundary Music R NBoundariesElectronic V/A2019Multimodal  
6:19:40 AM7:33Matana Roberts LKersaia R NCoin Coin Chapter One: Gens de Couleur LibresAlternative V/A2011Constellation  
6:27:13 AM7:27Matana Roberts LRise R NCoin Coin Chapter One: Gens de Couleur LibresAlternative V/A2011Constellation  
6:34:40 AM4:03Matana Roberts LAs Far as the Eye Can See R NCoin Coin Chapter Four: MemphisAvant-Garde Jazz V/A2019Constellation  
6:38:43 AM3:13Delia Derbyshire LPot au Feu (BBC Version) R NPot au Feu (BBC Version) – SingleIDM/Experimental V/A2021Stratosphere Records  
6:40:56 AM0:46Delia Derbyshire LDoctor Who Opening Title Theme R NDoctor Who – The Sun Makers (Original Television Soundtrack)Soundtrack V/A2020Silva Screen Records  
6:42:42 AM19:10Eliane Radigue LMila’s Song in the Rain R NSongs of MilarepaClassical V/A1998Lovely Music  
7:01:52 AM4:24Tanya Tagaq LColonizer R NTonguesAlternative V/A2022Six Shooter Records Inc.  
7:06:16 AM4:50Tanya Tagaq LIn Me R NTonguesAlternative V/A2022Six Shooter Records Inc.  
7:11:06 AM2:37Tanya Tagaq LEarth Monster R NTonguesAlternative V/A2022Six Shooter Records Inc.  
7:13:43 AM4:01Karass LDelusion (feat. Cher Von) R NOrder of Operations – EPPop V/A2014Tape Deck  
7:17:44 AM20:32Pauline Oliveros LI of IV R NNew Sounds in Electronic MusicElectronic V/A1967Columbia/Legacy  
7:38:16 AM5:23Laurie Spiegel LAppalachian Grove I R NThe Expanding UniverseClassical V/A2012Unseen Worlds  
7:43:39 AM4:59Maria Chavez LJebus R NLess Self Is More Self: A Benefit Compilation for Tarantula HillAlternative V/A2007ECSTATIC PEACE!  
7:48:37 AM3:58Maria Chavez LI R NPlays (Stefan Goldmann’s ‘Ghost Hemiola’)Electronic V/A2019Macro Recordings  
7:52:35 AM6:01Electtic Weasel Ensemble, Allen Strange, Brenda Hutchinson, Charles Amirkhanian, David Morse, Donald Buchla & Stephen Ruppenthal LMusic of the Spheres R NNew Music for Electronic and Recorded Media: Women In Electronic Music – 1977Classical V/A2006New World Records  
7:58:36 AM5:04Suzanne Ciani LThe First Wave – Birth of Venus R NSeven WavesElectronic V/A1982Seventh Wave  
8:03:40 AM4:56Leila LSpace , Love R NLike Weather (Remastered)Electronic V/A2020Modern Love, Thank U Records  

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