Higher Consciousness 12

I’m covering for Alicia today on her show Higher Consciousness… She left the playlist for you… join me to a higher plane through music.

From 3 to 5 on Thursdays, Alicia is dedicated to raising your vibration in this time of a mass spiritual awakening. The synchronicities and coincidences that call for attention are given space and joined with music that shares the peace of Gaia and points to the thresholds of our collective experience. A mixture of edgy music, candid interviews, and Alicia’s insights, this is Higher Consciousness.

Today is another beautiful day. Today is a day just like any other day. We keep on keeping on and I keep on trying to play classical trap remixes for you. so keep on keeping on people.

  1. Do your 12th Dimensional meditation shield-building technique daily.
  2. Love yourself and show love to others.
  3. Dance therapy is critical, move your body and release any pent-up energy that no longer serves you.
3:00:30 PM2:48Push N’ GlideCompton DaydreamCandy Floss2018Epidemic SoundHip Hop/Rap
3:03:18 PM2:38HIGHCELLOh no I hope I don’t fallOh no I hope I don’t fall – Single20211396733 Records DKR&B/Soul
3:05:56 PM2:18Ugo MeloneAquaAqua – Single2018TrapWolvesElectronic
3:08:14 PM5:10Joaquin CornejoSpatial RequestLas Frutas – EP2021Earthly MeasuresElectronic
3:13:24 PM2:23BAD NINJAPunjabiTai Sabaki2021JHaps RecordsElectronic
3:15:47 PM1:07Karen KillerThe Banjo Beat, Pt. 2The Banjo Beat, Pt. 2 – Single2020HMGComedy
3:16:54 PM3:06MATVEÏGET LOSTGET LOST – Single2019Kitsuné MusiqueElectronic
3:20:00 PM2:54TrinixShe Said (Big Jet Plane)She Said (Big Jet Plane) – Single2021Inside RecordsElectronic
3:22:54 PM3:15TIGER DROOLSaber Tooth (Quix Remix)Saber Tooth (Remixes) – EP2021DeadbeatsDance
3:26:09 PM2:59ÖwnbossThey Speak (Ow)They Speak (Ow) – Single2019Youth EnergyDance
3:29:08 PM2:07KVPVKatanaKatana – Single2021KVPV MUSICElectronic
3:31:15 PM3:08Finesse GodNo Stylist (Instrumental)Finesse II (Instrumental)2018829599 Records DKAlternative
3:34:23 PM2:42Keys N KratesDouble DutchDouble Dutch – Single2020Young Art RecordsElectronic
3:37:05 PM2:42Gianluca DimeoTouch MeTouch Me – Single2021Big Smile RecordsDance
3:39:47 PM2:07Trinix RemixWe Join the Army (feat. Trinix)We Join the Army – Single2022Trinix RemixHip Hop/Rap
3:41:54 PM2:01Peek LevelsMonstarAlien Vision – Single2020DanktronicsElectronic
3:43:55 PM2:29SkypierrGodlyCelestial – EP2021Skypierr & COSMICHip Hop/Rap
3:46:24 PM2:22One True GodMove SlowMove Slow – Single2021OTGDance
3:48:46 PM2:13Ahmed Beats*Angry* Freestyle Trap Beat*Angry* Freestyle Trap Beat – Single2021Ahmed BeatsHip Hop/Rap
3:50:59 PM3:42Butch UGet LowGet Low – Single2021A+Dance
3:54:41 PM3:06DemeterDopeDope – Single2021DemeterDance
3:57:47 PM1:30Def StreetFaki2022 Trap Beats2021DEF STREETInstrumental
3:59:17 PM2:59NextroEleganceMusic for Video by Nextro2021LabyrinthDance
4:02:16 PM3:16PaausRageRage – Single2018Paaus & LukrativeElectronic
4:05:32 PM2:17MoldaviteMidnightMidnight – Single2021Moldavite MusicElectronic
4:07:49 PM3:12LowlyLegionBass Nation, Vol. 12020LowlyElectronic
4:11:01 PM2:59BAD NINJAAre You ReadyTai Sabaki2021JHaps RecordsElectronic
4:14:00 PM2:40TwinUziUzi – Single2021Gangster CityDance
4:16:40 PM3:00HANZO 陰陽ParanoiaParanoia – Single20212981920 Records DKHip Hop/Rap
4:19:40 PM3:14NazaLa débaucheLa débauche – Single2017Bomaye musikFrench Pop
4:22:54 PM2:02venerisVivaldi Cantate DrillVivaldi Cantate Drill – Single20222794286 Records DKJungle/Drum’n’bass
4:24:56 PM2:20BenoWoahWoah – Single2020BenoHip Hop/Rap
4:27:16 PM2:14Deep ChillsTulumTulum – Single2020Miami BeatsHouse
4:29:30 PM3:09DJ KABOOEntaArab Trap – EP.12020DJ KABOOElectronic
4:32:39 PM2:11Andre GontejNew BalenciagaNew Balenciaga – Single2021Andre GontejElectronic
4:34:50 PM3:28The ArchitectBaile De SolUne Plage Sur La Lune2020Face BElectronic
4:38:18 PM2:29Lua PretaBaile LotusDiaspora2020Lua PretaDance
4:40:47 PM2:37VisckGuddiGuddi – Single2022NOLInstrumental
4:43:24 PM3:04MatbowGive It to MeGive It to Me – Single2019Tribal TrapElectronic
4:46:28 PM4:07Lana Del ReySeason of the WitchSeason of the Witch (From the Motion Picture “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”) – Single2019Polydor RecordsAlternative
4:50:35 PM1:32LabrinthFormulaEuphoria (Original Score from the HBO Series)2019MasterworksSoundtrack
4:52:07 PM3:19DisclosureMagnets (feat. Lorde)Caracal (Deluxe)2015Universal-Island Records Ltd.Electronic
4:55:26 PM2:38KVPVQueenQueen – Single2021KVPV MUSICElectronic

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