Monday Breakfast Blend: WAR: Women Art Revolution – A Visit to Baltimore

I”m heading to Baltimore this week and taking you all with me musically. A show on women and enbys making music in/from Baltimore.

Timestamp autoDurationArtistSongReleaseReleasedLabel 
6:01:00 AM5:12Amy Reid LThreshold R NHirsuteR&B/Soul V/A2017Friends Records  
6:06:12 AM2:54Amy Reid LRoping (Don’t Remix) R NToo Right – SingleIndie Rock V/A2019Super City  
6:10:25 AM3:58Amy Reid LRedmoon R NHirsuteR&B/Soul V/A2017Friends Records  
6:14:23 AM4:07Wye Oak LIf You Should See R NTweenAlternative V/A2016City Slang  
6:18:30 AM3:39Wye Oak LShriek R NShriekAlternative V/A2014Merge Records  
6:22:09 AM4:06Wye Oak LThe Tower R NShriekAlternative V/A2014Merge Records  
6:26:15 AM4:53Wye Oak LGlory R NShriekAlternative V/A2014Merge Records  
6:31:08 AM4:23Wye Oak LThe Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs R NThe Louder I Call, The Faster It RunsAlternative V/A2018Merge Records  
6:35:31 AM3:00Wye Oak LLogic of Color R NShriekAlternative V/A2014Merge Records  
6:38:31 AM3:23Flock of Dimes LDon’t Dream It’s Over R NDon’t Dream It’s Over / Everything Is Free – SingleAlternative V/A2021Psychic Hotline  
6:41:54 AM3:38Flock of Dimes LTwo R NHead of RosesAlternative V/A2021Sub Pop Records  
6:45:32 AM6:22Flock of Dimes LPrice of Blue R NHead of RosesSinger/Songwriter V/A2021Sub Pop Records  
6:51:54 AM4:18Flock of Dimes LEverything Is Free R NDon’t Dream It’s Over / Everything Is Free – SingleAlternative V/A2021Psychic Hotline  
6:56:12 AM3:42Flock of Dimes LThe Weakness in Me R NHead of Roses: Phantom LimbSinger/Songwriter V/A2022Sub Pop Records  
6:59:54 AM3:45Natural Velvet LKristina R NMirror to Make YouRock V/A2017Friends Records  
7:03:39 AM3:38Natural Velvet LFruits R NShe Is MeAlternative V/A2015Friends Records  
7:07:17 AM3:00Natural Velvet LIt’s All Mine R NMirror to Make YouRock V/A2017Friends Records  
7:10:17 AM4:24Wildhoney LSeventeen R NSleep Through ItPunk V/A2015Deranged Records  
7:14:41 AM2:32Wildhoney LSleep Through It R NSleep Through ItAlternative V/A2015Deranged Records  
7:17:13 AM5:52Wildhoney LNaive Castle R NNaive Castle – SingleIndie Rock V/A2018Slumberland Records  
7:23:05 AM3:15Wildhoney LOwe You Nothing R NSleep Through ItAlternative V/A2015Deranged Records  
7:26:20 AM2:42Wildhoney LLaura R NYour Face Sideways – EPAlternative V/A2015Topshelf Records  
7:29:02 AM3:55Beach House LNorway R NTeen DreamAlternative V/A2010Sub Pop Records  
7:32:57 AM5:04Beach House L10 Mile Stereo R NTeen DreamAlternative V/A2010Sub Pop Records  
7:38:01 AM3:19Beach House LMaster of None R NBeach HouseAlternative V/A2007Mistletone  
7:41:20 AM4:49Beach House LZebra R NTeen DreamAlternative V/A2010Sub Pop Records  
7:46:09 AM5:48Beach House LTake Care R NTeen DreamAlternative V/A2010Sub Pop Records  
7:51:57 AM3:59Beach House LDrunk in L.A. R N7Alternative V/A2018Bella Union  
7:55:56 AM4:58Beach House LWild R NBloomAlternative V/A2012Sub Pop Records  

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