Women & Politics: Women Making Art with Andee Arches

Women - Politics - Virginia

Andee Arches is a photographer, cinematographer, videographer, and radio producer.

Andee grew up in Manila, Philippines, but has called Virginia her home since 2006. Her first experiences of America sparked her interest in photography and it has been her passion ever since. Working out of Richmond, VA, she is a volunteer at Virginia Center for Public Press (VCPP), the parent organization of WRIR-LP 97.3 FM and Richmond Independent Video (RiV). She volunteers mainly as the Secretary for the VCPP Board, and as the head of RiV. She has experience in videography, and her background steeped in photography has allowed her to make the transition into cinematography. She won Best Cinematography at the 2018 48hr Horror Film Fest, Richmond chapter.

Currently, she’s directing a documentary titled Sister Radio. This film will document the relationship between two independent radio stations from sister cities, Richmond, VA and Ségou, Mali. Both will partner in…

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