A Drone’s Life

DJ Freyja calms your week down with some drone, ambient, and noise. Let’s get chill for the end of the week. Highlighting the Queens of Drone again this week..

Find her on Twitter, Mastodon and Tribel as @CarolOlson,  Instagram @carolaolson,

1:01:00 AM1:30Sofie BirchYou Make Me Care MoreRepair Techniques2021StroomElectronic
1:02:30 AM2:02UllaSongFoam20223XLElectronic
1:04:32 AM3:44Noémi BüchiElemental FearMatter2022-OUSElectronic
1:08:16 AM3:46Kate NVD D Don’tmeow chatUK
1:12:02 AM4:02Mette HenrietteDriftingDrifting2023ECM RecordsJazz
1:16:04 AM1:21Valentina MagalettiRumours of BreadA Queer Anthology of Drums2022bié RecordsElectronic
1:17:25 AM2:06MaralHeart ShimmerGround Groove2022Leaving RecordsElectronic
1:19:31 AM3:07Lucrecia DaltAtemporal¡Ay!2022RVNG Intl.Electronic
1:22:38 AM9:10rRoxymoreSun in CPerpetual Now2022Smalltown SupersoundElectronic
1:31:48 AM2:48SmurphyGrowthSpheres of Consciousness – EP2020Bokeh VersionsJungle/Drum’n’bass
1:34:36 AM1:49Fire-Toolz“Lellow< “Birbs<“Lellow< “Birbs< – SingleHausu MountainElectronic
1:36:25 AM1:45Anna MeredithBPM 109: Has Anyone Seen the Cat?Bumps Per Minute (18 Studies for Dodgems)2021Moshi Moshi RecordsElectronic
1:38:10 AM10:18Caterina BarbieriKnot of SpiritKnot of Spirit – EP2021light-yearsElectronic
1:48:28 AM4:16Sofie BirchDød & HavRepair Techniques2021StroomElectronic
1:52:44 AM5:08Haiku SalutWe Need These BeamsWe Need These Beams – Single2021Secret NameElectronic
1:57:52 AM2:50Christina VantzouRégime des FleursRégime des Fleurs – Single2021CVElectronic
2:00:42 AM3:48Klara LewisStyrofoam ToneKlmnopq – EP2021The Trilogy TapesIDM/Experimental
2:04:30 AM3:28Dolphin MidwivesBody of WaterBody of Water2021Beacon SoundElectronic
2:07:58 AM2:24LI YILEICHU / 處之 / OF2021Métron RecordsElectronic
2:10:22 AM4:12Patricia BrennanBlame ItMaquishti2021Valley of SearchJazz
2:14:34 AM8:48Claire RousayPeak ChromaA Softer FocusAmerican Dreams RecordsElectronic
2:23:22 AM1:32MJ GuiderSanctus: A Falling DanceTemporary Requiem2021modemainRock
2:24:54 AM6:35Sarah DavachiRushes RecedeAntiphonals2021Late MusicElectronic
2:31:29 AM1:46Mica LeviChains BaggyRuff Dog2020Mica LeviAlternative
2:33:15 AM2:02Moor MotherZamiZami – Single2021Anti/EpitaphHip Hop/Rap
2:35:17 AM3:09L’RainTake TwoFatigue2021Mexican SummerAlternative
2:38:26 AM2:46LiiLaOshaSoundness of Mind2021Not Not FunElectronic
2:41:12 AM9:06Shiva FesharekiComposition No.3 (AnimalbasedGadofesharekidaydreammix)NEW FORMS remixes – EP2021Resist-AVDance
2:50:18 AM5:19Hannah PeelPatterned FormationFir Wave2021My Own PleasureElectronic
2:55:37 AM3:50Carmen VillainTwo Halves TouchingSketch for Winter IX: Perlita – EP2021Geographic NorthElectronic
2:59:27 AM2:46Jenny HvalSunbathingSunbathing – Single20214ADAlternative

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