A Drone’s Life – Drone Queens

DJ Freyja calms your week down with some drone, ambient, and noise. Let’s get chill for the end of the week. Highlighting the Queens of Drone again this week..

Find her on Twitter, Mastodon and Tribel as @CarolOlson,  Instagram @carolaolson,

1:00:00 AM3:32JlinNever Created, Never DestroyedBlack Origami2017Planet MuElectronic
1:03:32 AM4:02JlinBlue IAutobiography (Music from Wayne Mcgregor’s Autobiography)2018Planet MuSoundtrack
1:07:34 AM4:15Yu SuWatermelon Woman (Dub)Watermelon Woman – Single2019TechnicolourElectronic
1:11:49 AM3:14Yu SuFuturoYellow River Blue2021bié RecordsElectronica
1:15:03 AM5:21Yu SuMelaleucaYellow River Blue2021bié RecordsElectronica
1:20:24 AM4:34Pauline Anna StromFreedom at the 45th FloorTrans-Millenia Music2017RVNG Intl.Classical
1:24:58 AM4:31Pauline Anna StromMarking TimeAngel Tears in Sunlight2021PLANCHANew Age
1:29:29 AM7:24Pauline Anna StromRain on Ancient QuaysTrans-Millenia Music2017RVNG Intl.Ambient
1:36:53 AM2:02UllaSongFoam20223XLElectronic
1:38:55 AM1:50UllaIndoor TypeFoam20223XLElectronic
1:40:45 AM3:52Perila1 Room7.37/2.112021A Sunken MallElectronic
1:44:37 AM4:00PerilaEvery Something Is an Echo of NothingMemories of Log – Single2021VAKNARElectronic
1:48:37 AM3:52PerilaAmorphous Absorption7.37/2.112021A Sunken MallElectronic
1:52:29 AM6:19Tammy LakkisNoticeNotice – EP2021Portage Garage SoundsDance
1:58:48 AM5:00Heathered Pearls & Tammy LakkisAn Obstruction In the Clear PlasticCast Remixes Part II – Single2021Ghostly InternationalElectronic
2:03:48 AM4:40Tammy LakkisThis Is How It GoesThis Is How It Goes – Single2019Tammy LakkisElectronica
2:08:28 AM5:06AnzReal Enough To Feel GoodAll Hours – EP2021Ninja TuneElectronic
2:13:34 AM5:21AnzLoos In Twos (NRG)Loos In Twos (NRG) – Single2020Hessle AudioElectronic
2:18:55 AM5:25AnzInna CircleAll Hours – EP2021Ninja TuneElectronic
2:24:20 AM2:40Marallavender’s lovelavender’s love – Single2022POP CAN RECORDSElectronic
2:27:00 AM4:21Maralentropy & kindnessentropy & kindness – Single2022POP CAN RECORDSElectronic
2:31:21 AM2:06MaralHeart ShimmerGround Groove2022Leaving RecordsElectronic
2:33:27 AM3:21Dawn RichardBoomerang (Suzi Analogue Remix)Boomerang (Suzi Analogue Remix) – Single2021Merge RecordsElectronic
2:36:48 AM3:00Suzi AnalogueTrak Girl MagicZonez, Vol. 1: I Hope My Momma Is Bragging on Me in Heaven2017Never Normal RecordsElectronic
2:39:48 AM3:02Suzi AnalogueWAY LIVE (feat. ZenSoFly)ZONEZ V.4: Love Me Louder2019Never Normal RecordsElectronic
2:42:50 AM6:41Anja SchneiderTurning My HeadTurning My Head – Single2021Sous MusicDance
2:49:31 AM6:35Anja SchneiderDubmissionDubmission (Original Edit) – Single2021Sous MusicDance
2:56:06 AM6:57Anja SchneiderFree FallTwisty – EP2017Knee Deep In SoundDance

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