Women Art Revolution: WAR on Holiday

It’s Holiday time and everyone is complaining it’s a war on holidays.. so here is a suite of musicians named Holiday for your listening pleasure… WAR on Holiday it is..

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6:00:30 AM2:09Holiday Jazz EnsembleEast of the Sun, Pt. 1Relaxing Holiday Jazz Background MusicUK
6:02:39 AM4:36Holiday Jazz EnsembleWinter WonderlandA Classic ChristmasUK
6:07:15 AM3:28Billie HolidaySolitudeSolitude1956Verve ReissuesJazz
6:10:43 AM3:32Billie HolidayI’ll Be Seeing YouBillie Holiday1957Verve ReissuesJazz
6:14:15 AM3:28Billie HolidayBlue MoonSolitude1956Verve ReissuesJazz
6:17:43 AM3:40Holiday SidewinderWhy (feat. Coastal Elite)Why (feat. Coastal Elite) – Single2022Personal Best RecordsDance
6:21:23 AM3:38Holiday SidewinderLeoForever or Whatever2019Personal Best RecordsPop
6:25:01 AM4:10Holiday SidewinderWhispersForever or Whatever2019Personal Best RecordsPop
6:29:11 AM3:50Steady HolidayMothersNobody’s Watching2018Barsuk RecordsAlternative
6:33:02 AM3:46Moon HolidayOut of BoundsOut of Bounds – Single2016Inertia AccessAlternative
6:36:48 AM4:30Moon HolidayRid UII Life – EP2015Inertia AccessElectronic
6:41:18 AM5:28Moon HolidayWantMoon Holiday – EP2010Future ClassicDance
6:46:46 AM3:31Holliday Howe2000 (feat. diana starshine)My Friends Live In My Pocket2022Future ClassicDance
6:50:17 AM3:24Holliday Howe & HimeraDigital AffectionDigital Affection – Single2021GRADUATION*Electronic
6:53:41 AM2:30Holliday HoweThelma & Louise Pt. IIMy Friends Live In My Pocket2022GradiationDance
6:56:11 AM2:40Steady HolidayTangerineTake the Corners Gently2021Steady HolidayIndie Pop
6:58:51 AM1:47Steady HolidayLove Me When I Go To SleepTake the Corners Gently2021Steady HolidayIndie Pop
7:00:38 AM1:48Olya Holidayveilveil – Single2022WWWXDance
7:02:26 AM2:38Olya HolidayIsolated DreamIsolated Dream – Single2022IMMINENT CYBERCORPORATIONDance
7:05:04 AM1:44Olya HolidayIdkIdk – Single20202485502 Records DKPop
7:06:48 AM4:12HOLiDAYNext Best FriendNext Best Friend – Single2022HOLiDAYPop
7:11:00 AM4:25Soma HolidayShake Your MoleculesShake Your Molecules – Single1984BelugaPop
7:15:25 AM4:34Soma HolidayArt DimensionShake Your Molecules – Single1984BelugaPop
7:19:59 AM4:51Kelly HolidayHigherTrap Nation classicsUK
7:24:50 AM3:36Kelly HolidayTwerk DancerTrap Nation ClassicsUK
7:28:26 AM3:37Kelly HolidayTrap CityTrap Nation ClassicsUIK
7:32:03 AM5:05Armada HolidayDead EyesDead Eyes – Single2019Armada HolidayRock
7:37:08 AM3:44Holiday MondayMystifiedMade From Dirt20223840391 Records DKAlternative
7:40:52 AM3:40Holiday PartyLet DownLet Down (Radio Edit) – Single2020Holiday PartyElectronic
7:44:32 AM5:00Holiday PartyI’m Still HereHoliday Party2020Holiday PartyElectronic
7:49:32 AM10:32Debby HolidayChris Cox Club AnthemDive (MaxiSingle)2003*Nebula 9Pop

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