Higher Consciousness Episode 21

DJ Freyja sitting in today to guest host after the election and we have things to get higher about… 🙂

As a scandi, I do runes. So I drew runes today for you, my question was “will we survive the red”… and Inguz and Hagalaz are suggesting a maybe and Berkana is saying straight up NO.

Inguz indeterminate

Inguz: orientation is indeterminate (maybe) – resolve to clear away debris in our lives in order to move forward.


Berkana: orientation is inverted (No) events around us may interfere with our dreams. We must keep focused on our journey ahead.


Hagalaz: orientation indeterminate (maybe) time may be challenging before we can become successful, accept the challenge

So while a blue wave didn’t happen but rather a red trickle, we can keep fighting and working toward success that will be meaningful for all people.

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