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Hạ Trần – Collective Member of #SoftWebbies

(pronouns: my name + they/them + chanh) Based inTsenacommacah, Powhatan + Monacan + Manahoac lands

Hạ Trần dreams, lives and works as a GRITS + GLITS (Gay* Raised/Living in the South) with hopes for a future where all families are safe, supported, and valued. Hạ is grounded in creative movements for Reproductive Justice and survivor-led healing for/by TLGBQ+ communities. They’re a collective member of SOFT WEB Studio Collective, and comes from years of abortion funding at the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project and directly supporting TLGBQ+ survivors of interpersonal, sexual, and state-sanctioned violence. Hạ cultivates joy and pleasure through textile arts, zine-making, porch sitting, D.I.Y. music, and with all bodies of water. Southern‐born by way of the Việt Nam diaspora, Hạ is a tuff puff looking forward heart first!

Amy Black – Amy Black Tattoos

photo credit; Kim Frost


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