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Dr. Ann Olivarius

Dr. Ann Olivarius is the Chair and Senior Partner of McAllister Olivarius, and Managing Partner of its sister firm, AO Advocates.

Ann has over 30 years of experience as a lawyer, financier, philanthropist, writer, and advisor to public figures. With a background in both civil rights law and corporate law, she specializes in cases of discrimination, sexual harassment and assault, and online abuse. She has successfully represented clients against major institutions, ensured that institutions change their practices, and lobbied Parliament to introduce new laws protecting vulnerable people from abuse.

Ann’s work with McAllister Olivarius has catered to a wide range of cases and needs. She has helped clients pursue civil claims against their individual abusers and represented large groups in joint-action lawsuits against multinational corporations, universities, and medical bodies. With AO Advocates, she has represented victims of institutional abuse and brought suit against children’s homes, care homes…

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