Monday Breakfast Blend: WAR – Women Art Revolution – Women of Ukraine

Celebrating women musicians and singers of Ukraine.

6:00:00 AM4:13MavkaNebo i ZemliaSpy2020MavkaElectronic
6:04:13 AM3:20ONUKABATPA (feat. NAONI Orchestra) [Live]MOZAÏKA (feat. NAONI Orchestra) [LIVE WITH NAONI ORCHESTRA]2019VIDLIKElectronic
6:07:33 AM4:07ONUKAXASHIKOLIR2021VIDLIKElectronic
6:15:43 AM3:14ONUKACEAHCKOLIR2021VIDLIKElectronic
6:18:57 AM5:21ONUKAUYAVY (feat. DakhaBrakha)KOLIR2021VIDLIKElectronic
6:24:18 AM7:48DakhaBrakhaVesnaNa MezhiАртПоле
6:32:06 AM6:47DakhaBrakhaЯгудкиYahudkyUKRmusic
6:38:53 AM5:43DakhaBrakhaDivka MarusechkaMa MezhiАртПоле
6:44:36 AM6:13DakhaBrakhaVynnaya YaAlambari2020DakhaBrakha
6:50:49 AM7:24DakhaBrakhaBabyLight2014DakhaBrakha
6:58:56 AM5:57DakhaBrakhaKarpatskyi RepLight2014DakhaBrakha
7:04:53 AM3:41DakhaBrakhaШо З Под Дуба (feat. DJ Nana) [Remix]Шо З Под Дуба (Remix) [feat. DJ Nana] – Single2020BEST MUSICFolk
7:08:34 AM6:05DakhaBrakhaSpecially for YouLight2014DakhaBrakha
7:14:39 AM3:27DakhaBrakhaПаніYahudkyUKRmusic
7:18:06 AM9:00DakhaBrakhaAlambariAlambari – Single2021Bercana MusicElectronic
7:27:06 AM5:46DakhaBrakhaKolyskovaLight2014DakhaBrakha
7:32:52 AM4:56Panivalkova11. Yoko Encore (Live Sentrum) [feat. Nazgul Shukaeva]Live at Sentrum 20162019PanivalkovaPop
7:37:48 AM4:14Panivalkova9. Крейзі Нікіта (Live Sentrum)Live at Sentrum 20162019PanivalkovaPop
7:42:02 AM6:41PanivalkovaCosmopoliticCosmopolitic – Single2017PanivalkovaJazz
7:48:43 AM3:01PanivalkovaДокучаю (Radio Edit)Докучаю (Radio Edit) – Single2017PanivalkovaPop
7:51:44 AM4:06Tina KarolNova radist’ stalaKoljadkyNot on Label
7:55:50 AM3:19Tina KarolVyshe oblakovNochenkaNot on Label
7:59:09 AM3:39Tina KarolAll of MeAll of Me – Single2018Tina KarolPop

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