A Drone’s Life – May the Drone Be With You

DJ Freyja calms your week down with some drone, ambient, and noise. Let’s get chill for the end of the week. It’s spring time for Drone.


1:01:00 AM3:50Sophia LoizouAnimaUntold2020HoundstoothElectronic
1:04:50 AM5:05Christine OttDarkstarChimères (Pour Ondes Martenot)2020Nahal RecordingsAmbient
1:09:55 AM9:07Arushi JainIs It Love?With & Without2019GHUNGHRUElectronic
1:19:02 AM3:56ML BuchCan You Hear My Heart LeaveSkinned2020AnyinesIndie Pop
1:22:58 AM2:50Clarissa ConnellyDe NovoTech Duinn2018Tech Duinn MusicContemporary Era
1:25:48 AM2:57Lucrecia DaltDisueltaDisuelta – Single2020PLANCHAElectronic
1:28:45 AM2:59Rene HellVar_LenVanilla Call Option2013PANElectronic
1:31:44 AM3:22PanxingFloating WorldAnti Gone2017658545 Records DKAlternative
1:35:06 AM3:20Lucy GoochRushingRushing (Expanded Edition) – EP2022Fire RecordsAlternative
1:38:26 AM3:39Kelly MoranSodalisField Works: Ultrasonic2020Temporary Residence Ltd.Alternative
1:42:05 AM4:31Sofie BirchHumidity (feat. Nana Pi)Humidity (feat. Nana Pi) – Single2020IntercourseElectronic
1:46:36 AM2:46Satoko Fujii & Natsuki TamuraRenovationPentas2020NotTwoJazz
1:49:22 AM2:55Katie DeyDancingHappinessUK
1:52:17 AM4:27Natalia BeylisTommy TubsWacker That2019Touch SensitiveAmbient
1:56:44 AM2:28Nailah HunterWhite Flower, Dark HillSpells – EP2020Leaving RecordsNew Age
1:59:12 AM3:48Olivia LouvelI Draw What I Feel in My BodySculptor2020Cat Werk ImprintElectronic
2:03:00 AM4:37Shiva FesharekiVapourVapour – Single2019SA RecordingsElectronic
2:07:37 AM4:05Zoe ReddySelf Entitled ManWavelength2020Antilounge RecordsElectronic
2:11:42 AM3:28LolinaFake City, Real CityThe Smoke2018UnknownPop
2:15:10 AM6:17Fire-Toolz(((Ever-Widening Rings)))Rainbow BridgeHausu MountainElectronic
2:21:27 AM7:51Beast NestLullabaiSongs for Puppies2015Full Spectrum RecordsElectronic
2:29:18 AM5:08E-SaggilaAzizaMy World My Way2019Northern ElectronicsElectronic
2:34:26 AM6:39Hyph11EFlashesPartisan2019Circadian RhythmsDance
2:39:34 AM2:05MaralThe Empty EditMahur Club2019Astral Plane RecordingsElectronic
2:41:39 AM4:52Machine Womanlast days of the Montreal’s summer you spoke softly 183Pleasant Stay But I Wont Come Back – Single2020Take Away Jazz RecordsHouse
2:46:31 AM2:42MHYSAbreaker of chainsNevaeh2020HyperdubDance
2:49:13 AM3:13Loraine JamesGlitch BitchFor You and I2019HyperdubDance
2:52:26 AM5:55SPELLINGUnder the SunMazy FlySacred Bones Records
2:58:21 AM3:24Angel Bat DawidTransition EastTransition East – Single2020International Anthem Recording Co.Jazz

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