A Drone’s Life – Birthday Drone 3

DJ Freyja calms your week down with some drone, ambient, and noise. Let’s get chill for the end of the week. Highlighting the Queens of Drone again this week..

Find her on Twitter, Mastodon, Post, and Tribel as @CarolOlson,  Instagram @carolaolson,

1:01:00 AM7:12Maddy MaiaObsesión Romántica (feat. Tottie)Sos Music, Vol. 12020SOS MUSICElectronic
1:08:12 AM5:21C LovePossédéeSos Music, Vol. 12020SOS MUSICElectronic
1:13:33 AM5:09VioletSearch and FindSos Music, Vol. 12020SOS MUSICElectronic
1:18:42 AM6:02Lara SarkissianFortress in the CloudsSos Music, Vol. 12020SOS MUSICElectronic
1:24:44 AM3:31L?cyMilanSos Music, Vol. 12020SOS MUSICElectronic
1:28:15 AM2:56Minimal violenceNext TimeSos Music, Vol. 12020SOS MUSICElectronic
1:31:11 AM4:01Nene HMad LoveSos Music, Vol. 12020SOS MUSICElectronic
1:35:12 AM1:50MaralOnly the Sound Will LastSos Music, Vol. 12020SOS MUSICElectronic
1:37:02 AM2:44Ivy BarkakatiReactivarSos Music, Vol. 12020SOS MUSICElectronic
1:39:46 AM3:17Maria MinervaSummer RomanceSoft Power2020100% SilkElectronic
1:43:03 AM3:27EartheaterAirborne AshesPhoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin2020PANContemporary Folk
1:46:30 AM3:47Penelope TrappesAfraidEel Drip – EPHoundstoothElectronic
1:50:17 AM3:20Mary LattimorePine TreesSilver Ladders2020Ghostly InternationalAmbient
1:53:37 AM3:19Sarah DavachiStations IVCantus, Descant2020Late MusicElectronic
1:56:56 AM1:58Marina RosenfeldOneJoy Of Fear2020Room 40Electronic
1:58:54 AM2:58Miki YuiRhyming (Colours)Aperio!2020Hallow GroundElectronic
2:01:52 AM5:05Divide and DissolveWe Are Really Worried About YouWe Are Really Worried About You – Single2020Invada Records UKRock
2:06:57 AM3:00JouskaBeat Up Your BabyEverything Is Good2020KokeplatePop
2:09:57 AM6:13Loraine JamesAhhHmm – EP2020IndependentElectronic
2:16:10 AM4:19TALsoundsDynastyAcquiesceNNA TapesElectronic
2:20:29 AM9:19DeradoorianThe IlluminatorFind the Sun2020Anti/EpitaphAlternative
2:29:48 AM4:03Nabihah IqbalIs This Where It EndsIs This Where It Ends – Single2020The Jazz DiariesElectronic
2:33:51 AM5:10Marie Davidson & L’Œil NuCenter of the World (Kotti Blues)Renegade Breakdown2020Ninja TuneElectronic
2:39:01 AM4:44Rachael LavellePerpetual PartyPerpetual Party – Single2019Rachael LavelleAlternative
2:43:45 AM7:01Ana RoxanneSuite Pour L’invisibleBecause of a Flower2020krankyAmbient
2:50:46 AM4:05MJ GuiderFM SecureSour Cherry Bell2020krankyElectronic
2:54:51 AM4:39Sarah DavachiCanyon WallsCantus, Descant2020Late MusicAlternative

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