A Drone’s Life – A Dry January week 3

Doing Dry January? Here’s a dry drone for you to calm the jones.

DJ Freyja calms your week down with some drone, ambient, and noise. Let’s get chill for the end of the week.

Find her on Twitter, Mastodon and Tribel as @CarolOlson,  Instagram @carolaolson,

1:01:00 AM2:4058918012expiationDead Silence202158918012Electronic
1:05:48 AM6:47Kevin Richard MartinIn Love with a GhostReturn to Solaris2021Phantom LimbElectronic
1:12:35 AM1:56Infinity FrequenciesMemory Limitations in Artificial IntelligenceBetween Two Worlds2018Infinity FrequenciesElectronic
1:14:31 AM2:54Sarah DavachiGarlandsLet Night Come On Bells End the Day2018Late MusicElectronic
1:17:25 AM7:11Christoph De BabalonBrillianceIf You’re Into It I’m Out of It1997Digital Hardcore RecordingsElectronic
1:24:36 AM3:32TyrestaEvergreenInfinite Branches2022Past Inside the PresentElectronic
1:28:08 AM4:36MurcofNocturnal SunriseThe Alias SessionsThe Leaf LabelElectronic
1:32:44 AM19:54Eiko IshibashiTorn PageTorn Page – EP2021Longform EditionsElectronic
1:52:38 AM6:3158918012Eon132,480 Minutes202158918012Electronic
1:59:09 AM4:30Anthony LinellHall of JudgementWinter Ashes2021Northern ElectronicsDance
2:03:39 AM5:10ScannerThe CanonizationEarthbound Transmissions2021Room 40Electronic
2:08:49 AM4:24CALM TRANSMISSIONSDistant (Drone Mix)Distant (Drone Mix) [Drone Mix] – Single2022TNDMElectronic
2:13:13 AM5:12Devin SarnoDarkened Valley LullabyEvocation2021Absence of WaxElectronic
2:18:25 AM2:49Paul WhiteheadDark MotiveDark Analogue Drones2021Score Production MusicElectronic
2:21:14 AM3:23Cosmowave01:3701:37 – Single2022CosmowaveElectronic
2:24:37 AM4:35Frederik ValentinExit0011000 – EP2021Posh IsolationElectronic
2:29:12 AM3:11Canadian RiflesSniper’s NestEastern Nurseries (Expanded Edition)2020VAKNARAmbient
2:32:23 AM3:18IvoryhausTransmissionTransmission – EP2021ivoryHAUSNew Age
2:35:41 AM5:56Vanity ProductionsDiamond NightsEyes Like Angels – Single2021Posh IsolationElectronic
2:41:37 AM3:01Deaf CenterLobbyPale Ravine2005TypeElectronic
2:44:38 AM3:07CelerMelancholy MovementIn Light Of Blues2021Room 40Ambient
2:47:45 AM6:30Lisa LerkenfeldtThe Weight of HistoryCollagen2020Shelter PressElectronic
2:54:15 AM3:03ApparatSiliaSoundtracks: Capri-Revolution2020It’s Complicated RecordsSoundtrack
2:57:18 AM2:46morimoto naokilabsoakmorimoto naokiElectronic

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