A Drone’s Life – Noise for the Time Between the Years

Insomniacs and late night workers.. Who is up to join me, #DJFreyja on the radio? I’m bringing the overnight tunes in the key of noise with A Drone’s Life on WRIR-LP 97.3 FM, stream at wrir.org/listen #radio #aDronesLife tune in 1am-noise for the time between the years

1:00:45 AM6:16DreamcrusherCathedral of MothsIncinerator2016Fire TalkClassical
1:07:01 AM6:51DreamcrusherPseudogenderIncinerator2016Fire TalkClassical
1:13:52 AM8:09DreamcrusherVulpeculae FreezeIncinerator2016Fire TalkClassical
1:22:01 AM12:24DreamcrusherBaneIncinerator2016Fire TalkClassical
1:34:25 AM3:46DreamcrusherFeverFever – Single2019DreamcrusherElectronic
1:38:11 AM1:25NEUPINKLakeside Short of Here . .Seaweed Jesus2021No AgreementsDance
1:39:36 AM15:09NEUPINKHeaven’s Waiting RoomHeaven’s Waiting Room – EP2021SELF-RELEASEDAlternative
1:54:45 AM1:16ActressFire and LightKarma & Desire2020Ninja TuneElectronic
1:56:01 AM6:44Puce MaryA Feast Before the DroughtThe Drought2018PANElectronic

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