Monday Breakfast Blend-WAR: Women Art Revolution – Women, Music, #NOLA

6:00:00 AM6:43Mahalia JacksonSummertime / Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless ChildBless This House1956Columbia/LegacyChristian & Gospel
6:06:43 AM4:45Mahalia JacksonTrouble of the WorldGospels, Spirituals, & HymnsColumbia/LegacyChristian & Gospel
6:11:28 AM3:03Sweet Emma BarrettWhen I Grow Too Old to DreamHer New Orleans Music1993GHBJazz
6:14:31 AM3:40Sweet Emma BarrettJelly Roll BluesSweet Emma Barrett and Her New Orleans MusicNOL
6:18:11 AM5:54Charmaine Neville Bandsecond lineQueen of the Mardi Gras1998Nawlins CartunesBlues
6:24:05 AM5:45Charmaine Neville Bandthe Right Key but the Wrong Keyholeit’s About Time1992Nawlins CartunesJazz
6:29:50 AM3:45Monica McIntyreFreedom SongIt Soon Come2013Monica McIntyre MusicContemporary Folk
6:33:35 AM3:48Monica McIntyreLullaby (Sacred)It Soon Come2013Monica McIntyre MusicBlues
6:37:23 AM4:13Lilli LewisWrecking BallAmericana2021Louisiana Red Hot RecordsSinger/Songwriter
6:41:36 AM4:30Lillie LewisCopper JohnAmericanaLousiana Red Hot Records
6:46:06 AM2:56Irma ThomasAnyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)Take a Look1966Capitol RecordsPop
6:49:02 AM3:21Irma ThomasTake A LookThis Is On My Side: The Best Of Irma Thomas (Vol.1)1992CAPITOL CATALOG MKT (C92)R&B/Soul
6:52:23 AM5:35Tank and the BangasBlack Folk (feat. Alex Isley & Masego)Black Folk (feat. Alex Isley & Masego) – Single2022VerveR&B/Soul
6:57:58 AM3:38Tank and the BangasStolen FruitRed Balloon2022VerveR&B/Soul
7:01:36 AM3:23Ambrégucci slides (feat. Smino)Pulp (Director’s Cut)2020Roc Nation Records, LLCR&B/Soul
7:04:59 AM3:08Ambréthe catch upalone / the catch up – Single2020Roc Nation Records, LLCR&B/Soul
7:08:07 AM2:56Femme It ForwardWhat You DeserveBig Femme Energy Volume 12021Femme It ForwardR&B/Soul
7:11:03 AM4:11Femme It Forward & SAYGRACEIf There Really Is a GodBig Femme Energy, Vol. 12021Femme It ForwardR&B/Soul
7:15:14 AM3:30Femme It Forward & Lauren JaureguiWhile I’m AliveBig Femme Energy, Vol. 12021Femme It ForwardR&B/Soul
7:18:44 AM3:01BLÜLucid DreamsBlü Dreams – EP2022Fairy Tale DreamersR&B/Soul
7:21:45 AM1:32BLÜImagineBlü Dreams – EP2022Fairy Tale DreamersR&B/Soul
7:23:17 AM3:28BLÜInterstellar LoveBlü Dreams – EP2022Fairy Tale DreamersR&B/Soul
7:26:45 AM3:03The UnnaturalsSex WaxThe Unnaturals vs. The 50ft. Bettie20213517725 Records DKRock
7:29:48 AM4:50The UnnaturalsWhiskey SurfThe Unnaturals vs. The 50ft. Bettie20213517725 Records DKRock
7:34:38 AM2:28The UnnaturalsAttack of the 50 Ft. BettieThe Unnaturals vs. The 50ft. Bettie20213517725 Records DKRock
7:37:06 AM3:47Sol GaleanoIf You Love a Flower, Let It Be (remix)Glass Girl2021SUPER INTRAHip Hop/Rap
7:40:53 AM2:59Sol GaleanoUntitled.RioUntitled.Rio – Single2018Sol GaleanoSinger/Songwriter
7:43:52 AM3:13Sol GaleanoFILLMYLUNGS (feat. Khiarra)Friend123 – Single2022SUPER INTRAR&B/Soul
7:47:05 AM2:07Dawn RichardTitans (Interlude)Blackheart2015Our Dawn EntertainmentElectronic
7:49:12 AM3:17Dawn Richarddreams and conversenew breed2019Local ActionR&B/Soul
7:52:29 AM3:04Dawn RichardBoomerangSecond Line2021Merge RecordsElectronic
7:55:33 AM0:30AmbréOUTREAUX3000°2022Roc Nation Records, LLCR&B/Soul
7:56:03 AM2:34Keedy BlackBoy ByeBoy Bye – Single20211158955 Records DKDance
7:58:37 AM4:08GlandSafe SpaceNeurotica2016Community RecordsRock

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