Monday Breakfast Blend – PreColonial 2 Metal – New Zealand

Continuing on the Oceanic theme – DJ Freya brings you the music of Papua New Guinea today, from medieval to metal.

Timestamp autoDurationArtistSongReleaseReleasedLabel 
6:01:00 AM18:00Leon and Kirsten LMeeting the Maori People of New Zealand R NMaori Documentary V/AunsetKeKi op Reis  
6:19:00 AM2:21Maori LApakura R NTraditional Maori SongsWorld V/A2012Past Classics  
6:21:21 AM2:36Ma-Wai-Hakona LThe Haka of Te Rauparaha R NFamous Maori LegendsSpoken Word V/A2013Kiwi Pacific Records  
6:23:57 AM1:03Maori LHaka Of Wairangi R NTraditional Maori SongsWorld V/A2012Past Classics  
6:25:00 AM3:40Hirini Melbourne LTakapau Horanui R NTe Kü Te WhëWorld V/A1994Rattle  
6:28:40 AM5:06Hirini Melbourne LRaukatauri R NTe Kü Te WhëWorld V/A1994Rattle  
6:33:46 AM1:38Hirini Melbourne LKoau R NTe Kü Te WhëWorld V/A1994Rattle  
6:35:20 AM3:53The Nomad LBeloved One (feat. Saritah) R NBeloved One (feat. Saritah) – SingleElectronic V/A2017Nomad audio  
6:39:13 AM10:00Orbital Llive concert R NSplore 2019 V/Aunsetyoutube release of concert  
6:49:13 AM3:44Ladi 6 LWalk Right Up R NTime Is Not MuchR&B/Soul V/A2009P-VINE  
6:52:56 AM3:10Ladi 6 LLike Water R NThe Liberation Of V/AunsetKontor New Music Media  
6:56:06 AM3:46Scribe LNot Many – the Remix! R NThe CrusaderHip Hop/Rap V/A2003Dirty Records  
7:01:00 AM20:08Alien Weaponry LThe Teens Saving Maori Language with Heavy Metal R Nyoutube V/AunsetVICE Asia  
7:19:18 AM31:51Alien Weaponry LLive show R NDownload Festival at Donington UK V/A2019Alien Weaponry  
7:50:48 AM4:03Beastwars LWitches R NThe Death of All ThingsRock V/A2016Destroy  
7:54:49 AM5:34Diocletian LSteel Jaws R NGesundrianHeavy Metal V/A2014Osmose Productions  
DJ Freya @radiogirlrva

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