Women & Politics: Free Press with Collette Watson and April Coleman

Today our subject is free press and how Black media is demanding change from embedded colonialism and anti-blackness in media; how the presence of local journalism has been overtaken by mass media and conservative views; and what reparations in media would look like. 

Our guests today are: Collette Watson, Vice President of Cultural Strategy at FreePress.Net. Collette helps guide narrative change, community partnerships and strategic communications, working with artists, media-makers, creatives and advocates to shift power toward a just future media system. You can find her on social media at @_ColletteWatson

April Coleman, Vice President of Operations at Richmond Free Press, serving as the news media resource and voice of the African American community. You can follow April on social media at @lirpaac


Follow our host and producer at @sherishannon27 and @carololson

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