Medieval 2 Metal


  • Bejing Opera, “Reality and Eternity”
  • 10 Chinese songs, “Traditional, Relaxing, Zen
  • Chinese Folk Song, “Look Toward Bejing on the Grassland
  • Mountain People, “Drink Song
  • Yehaiyahan, “Shen Jing Mo Shao”from Call Me From The Past – Single
  • Cui Jian, “Nothing to My Name”from Rock ‘N’ Roll on the New Long March Dong Xi Music / R2G Music
  • Carsick Cars, “晕车的车”from Carsick Cars
  • Brain Failure, “Coming Down to Beijing”from Beijing to Boston Bad News Records – 2007
  • Zuxiao Zuzhou, “左小祖咒zMV
  • SMZB 生命之餅, “The Chinese Are Coming
  • Tang Dynasty, “Alp Guitar
  • Tang Dynasty, “Water Lily
  • Spring & Autumn, “Legend

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