Medieval 2 Metal – Music and Protest in Syria

Today DJ Freya visits Syria to talk about music from medieval times to modern metal.


  • Adir Iana’akwab, “Hispani-Arabic muwashshahah”from concertunknown
  • Lamma bada, “Muwashah of Arab-Andalusian tradition”from Concertunknown
  • Moaxaja Mala Al Kassat, “Muwashah”from concertunknown
  • Christian Syria, “Christian chant in Arabic Psalm 135”from concertunknown
  • Syrian Jewish group, “Dear G-D Help Me”from concertunknown
  • Syrian folk group, “Iraqi and Syrian folk music”from youtubeunknown
  • Syrian folk musician, “Syrian-Lebanese folk music played on oud”from concertunknown
  • Syrian music group, “Traditional Syrian Music part 2 Aleppo”from concerntunknown
  • Syrian community members, “Masters of Dabke 3”from youtube concertunknown
  • Syrian Rocker, “Refugees Take Their Act to Europe”from youtubeunknown
  • Ara - SingleKhebez Dawle, “Ara”from Ara – Singleunknown
  • Khebez Dawle, “Nar (Big Up!)”from concertunknown
  • Toot Ard, “Laissez passer”from Laissez PasserPalm Stereo – 2017
  • Toot Ard, “Stone Heap of the Wild Cat”from Nuri Andaburiunknown
  • Toot Ard, “Syrian Blues”from unknownunknown
  • Various Artists: Refugee Rap, “Turkey Syrian Refugee Rap”from youtubeunknown
  • Best Arabic Rap Song, “This is Syria”from youtube videounknown
  • Various Artists, “This is Syria – remix”from youtubeunknown
  • Gene Band, “Ya Waladi”from unknownunknown
  • Tanjaret Daghet, “O Grey (Ya Ramadi)”from unknownunknown
  • Absentation.blink, “Syrian death metal”from unknownunknown

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