Equal Pay Day Special

Missed equal pay day? Check out the special Melissa Vaughn of RVA Dirt and I made with Carol Stephens from Association of American University Women about women and equal pay.

April 10 marked Equal Pay Day — the date the average woman in America would need to work until in 2018 in order to earn what men were paid in 2017. And that’s just white women, according to Valerie Wilson, the director of the Economic Policy Institute’s Program on Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy, “For African-American women, Equal Pay Day this year will come on August 7. For Hispanic women, it will come November 1.”

Women are now getting more graduate degrees and higher education than men are yet still make less money and are expected to leave the workforce for children and family reasons.  According to Sarah Kliff, senior policy correspondent at Vox, “that expectation really seems to be at the heart of the wage gap that exists in 2018.” (What’s My Wage Again? Vox, 4/10/2018)

We invited in Carol Stephens from  AAUW to talk about Equal Pay Day and what it means for women. Listen below:

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