Recovery Radio: The Sanctuary, Open Minds, and the John P. Dooley Fund

Recovery Is....

Today Carol interviews the founders of a coalition of innovative programs designed to facilitate the re-integration of incarcerated persons back into the community.These programs are the Sanctuary, Open Minds, and the John P. Dooley Scholarship Fund.

You can listen to the show here

Sanctuary is a new facility in RVA, with a purpose to create effective creative outlets for once-incarcerated men and women upon their release. Sanctuary was born from the Sanctuary inside the jail which our guests today share more with us about.

OPEN MINDS is a college program sponsored by the Richmon d City Sheriff’s Office and Virginia Commonwealth University offering dual enrollment classes held at the Richmond City Jail. These classes challenge all students, incarcerated and free, to think critically about the social problems surrounding crime. All students learn to dialogue respectfully and imaginatively about their shared humanity; to write creatively and analytically in search of common ground; and…

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