Women & Politics: Black Leadership with Rasheeda Creighton

Women - Politics - Virginia

On Today’s show we are rebroadcasting our we talk with local community leader: Rasheeda Creighton.

An experienced corporate executive turned entrepreneur, Rasheeda Creighton has alwaystaken the road less traveled. In 2020, after a successful 15 year career at a Fortune 100company, Rasheeda harnessed her skills and passions into a convergence of business venturesthat all work towards a singular path: creating and holding spaces that connect people,particularly Black and Brown people, to opportunities for growth and wealth building, ultimatelyleading to a path of financial freedom.

She is the co-founder of JWC Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to Learn, Grow andOwn in the Black community. JWC Foundation is a hub that connects Black business owners ofall stages to connect to one another and with partners, service providers, programs andfinancial resources to grow their businesses. She also provides budget coaching and moneyvalues courses to women, particularly Black women, seeking to destroy the…

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