Women & Politics: Parents and School Systems

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Today we are talking about parents and school systems, or more specifically the role of school boards, parents, and superintendents. We have three parents on with us today discussing SOL’s, school after covid, and how parent’s and their children are dealing with unprecedented challenges. With us today are:

Emily Kavanaugh who describes herself as a loud woman who tweets and writes about Richmond Public Schools on Twitter and Medium. She is a founding member of Kids First RPS. Contrary to the belief of some, that doesn’t mean she tweets AT the kids but rather FOR them among other kid-centered activism work. Emily is a member of the School Health Advisory Board, a nurse, a mom, and absolutely no relation to that other guy with the same name.

Becca DuVal is a Binford and Fox (at Clark Springs) Parent and contributing writer for Kids First RPS. When not chasing after her…

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