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On Today’s show we invite in two community leaders making waves in their cause areas:

Kenda Sutton-ElFounding Director Birth in Color RVA

Kenda’s greatest pleasure as a reproductive healthcare worker has been watching women become confident and excited about the birth and early parenting of their children. She firmly believes in the power of redirecting your fears and anxieties into finding new, empowering ways to experience birth and parenting.

Kenda is the Founding Director of Birth In Color RVA. Kenda holds a Bachelor’s in Health Science and is also a Doula Trainer, Diversity Equity Inclusion Consultant, Policy Analyst, CPR Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist, Lamaze Childbirth Educator, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, Hypnobirthing Educator.

Kenda serves as the Chair of Virginia Doula Taskforce Chair, Chair of Greater Richmond Regional Maternal Child Health Taskforce, member of the Virginia Maternal and Data outcomes Taskforce, Pregnancy Services for Incarceration Workgroup.

In 2019, Kenda Sutton-EL helped…

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