Women & Politics: Taking the Lead in Community Change

Women - Politics - Virginia

Today we have two local advocates making change for folks directly in the community.

Zakia (Jemaceye’) McKensey, a native of Richmond, VA has worked tirelessly to advocate for the Transgender community and those affected or effected by HIV/AIDS. Zakia started her career in HIV prevention in 2001 with Fan Free Clinic as the MSM (Men who Sleep with Men) coordinator. She worked there for almost ten years. During her time at Fan Free she was one of the founding pioneers for the TG clinic that serves local transgender clients and assist them with hormone replacement therapy and overall health and wellness. After leaving Fan Free Clinic, she went on to Richmond City Health District. The 1st Transgender Women of Color to work for the cities health district, she served for 6 years as a Disease Intervention Specialist. Helping to locate and diagnose and treat individuals who were exposed or…

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