Women & Politics: Progressive Primary Care in Community Clinics with Dr. Stephanie Arnold

Women - Politics - Virginia

Dr. Stephanie Arnold

Dr. Arnold was born and raised in Hampton, VA and attended undergraduate school at VCU. She started working as support staff at a local indepdendent abortion clinic in 2008 and continued working there until she entered medical school. After completing her residency in 2018, she returned to Richmond with the plan to open her own practice with progressive and inclusive values. She is targeted to open her clinic: Seven Hills Family Practice in the Fall of 2022. They will be offering abortion care in addition to primary care, with primary care as a subscription model (vs traditional fee-for-service) and affordable regardless of insurance status. She believes prescription models are an alternative to current health infrastructure which she views as corrupted by profiteering and private equity.

She is also a burlesque artist and has been performing since 2011.


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