Women & Politics: The Politics of Environmentalism

Women - Politics - Virginia

Today’s guest is Lee William’s: Co-Chair, Green New Deal Virginia. EXCOM member and Advocacy Chair, Sierra Club Fall of the James Group

Lee’s background is in healthcare, and she worked as a CCRN before moving to Richmond Virginia to raise her children. Over the years, she watched ecosystems degrade, extreme weather and fires worsen, and the promises made at that first Earth Day be forgotten and cast aside as the American Dream was corrupted by greed, privatization and union busting.

For the past 15 years, she has worked in the grassroots nonprofit sector in a variety of roles for environmental, social and food justice organizations. Lee is a founding member of RVA Interfaith Climate Justice League and Divest RVA, and serves on the ExCom of the Sierra Club, Falls of the James Group and as their Advocacy Chair. In her role as Co-Chair of Green New Deal Virginia, she is…

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