Women & Politics – Schools, Parents, and Kids First

Welcome to Women and Politics. Today we are talking with Kids First RPS members and parents who are dealing with the politics of local school boards, parents, and communities. Meet; 

Theresa Kennedy is an RPS parent, advocate, and one of the founding members of KidsFirst RPS, a collective of parents and community members seeking to put RPS students at the center of RPS advocacy. In her free time she works a full time job, raises two wild things that resemble children, and hangs out with her husband.

Tisha Irby is a mom, a passionate advocate for kids and schools, and an activist for her local community. She is fully engaged in ensuring this generation of kids gets the right start through equitable education in safe buildings with an involved community. 

Emily Kavanaugh is a loud woman who tweets and writes about Richmond Public Schools on Twitter and Medium. She is a founding member of Kids First RPS. Contrary to the belief of some, that doesn’t mean she tweets AT the kids but rather FOR them among other kid-centered activism work. Emily is a member of the School Health Advisory Board, a nurse, a mom, and absolutely no relation to that other guy with the same name. 

LaKiesha Williams is a community activist, an advocate for Richmond Public Schools, an educator to bring our youth into future leaders, and a social change maker. 


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