Women and Politics with Emily Galvin-Almanza from Partners for Justice

Women - Politics - Virginia

Today we have a special guest, Emily Galvin-Almanza, @glavinalmanza Co-founder of Partners for Justice. To quote their mission:

“PFJ supports the broader movement to dismantle and transform the racist and oppressive systems that disproportionately harm people and communities of color. The road to change can be long and hard. Meanwhile, the people and communities affected by the criminal legal system don’t have time to wait. While we collectively work toward transformative change, our contribution is to fight hand-in-hand with those currently struggling within the criminal legal system.

We also recognize that the influence and impact of white supremacy are pervasive enough to be found within our organization. We dedicate ourselves to the ongoing work of replacing these toxic belief systems with practices that demonstrate our commitment to anti-racism and transformative justice.”

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