The V Word: Protests for DV Budget cuts

The V Word

Welcome to the V Word, where we talk about sexual and domestic violence, stalking, harassment and trafficking. We talk about what is going on in the community, what resources are available and what changes are happening to end violence.

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While American’s were enjoying a holiday weekend, Feminist activists in London were busy protesting budget cuts to domestic violence services. They dyed Trafalgar Square’s fountains red after hundreds of women marched through London’s West End in a noisy protest, chanting: “They cut, we bleed.”

Feminist activists styled their protest much like a funeral procession for the victims of domestic violence.The guardian reported that 500 women attended the protest, which started in Soho Square with a memorial service for women killed this year by domestic violence. The names and ages of victims were read out as protesters stood in silence with their fists raised. Following the memorial…

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