The V Word Radio: Stop Street Harassment and a review of Holly Kearl’s new book

The V Word

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Holly Kearl, picture courtesy SSH Holly Kearl, picture courtesy SSH

Today Carol reviews Holly Kearl’s new book, Stop Global Street Harassment: Growing Activism Around the World.”  It’s her second book on the topic and is on incise and thoughtful examination of street harassment, it’s impact on women, and the growing activism around the world to combat it.

What is the impact that she addresses? Street harassment is linked to or used to restrict equality, by restricting women’s mobility in public spaces and limiting resources and opportunities. Street harassment can escalate from verbal harassment to sexual assault and rape, and murder. Street harassment is traumatizing, as researchers from University of Mary Washington found that who experienced frequent sexual harassment displays signs of trauma and PTSD. Street harassment connects with other issues like racial profiling and police harassment.

How can you get involved? Join a movement to combat street harassment…

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