The V Word: Why survivors wait to report

The V Word

Welcome to today’s edition of The V Word.  Your host today is Carol Olson.

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You have been hearing a lot about the charge against Bill Cosby for sexual assaulting numerous women. The question I have been hearing the most is “Why did they wait so long to report” “Why now?”

The reality is that many survivors of sexual assault wait to report. They can wait several days or wait years.  and statistics show that 60% of rapes are not reported to the police.

There are many reasons why survivors do not feel safe to report immediately.  The Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy Center has posted information on the reasons why:

Safety is an important factor. Many survivors will face further abuse, face stalking and harassment by the offender if they report, face retaliation in the workforce and in their social lives.

  • The victim may feel…

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