Inspire Indeed: Fatima Smith – RHART Program

Inspire InDeed

Fatima Smith, coordinator of the RHART program is today’s guest. She leads a collaborative team of staff and volunteers from three local sexual assault/domestic violence centers and 4 hospitals. This program provides one number for hospitals with forensic nurse examiner programs to call to request an advocate to respond to a sexual assault.  The three DV/SV centers collaborate on the training of volunteers and management of the response.  It is truly a collaborative venture designed to make response to survivors of sexual and interpersonal crimes a smoother process.

Through RHART, trained volunteers respond to area hospital emergency rooms to provide advocacy and support to individuals who have experienced sexual and domestic violence. RHART is a regional collaborative between Safe Harbor, Hanover Safe Place, and the YWCA of Richmond. Volunteers respond to hospital accompaniment requests 24/7 and connect survivors with community resources and follow-up services. We provide services to anyone who…

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